Month: December 2015

More Windows 10 Woes. Apps missing from start menu after “upgrade”

So after “upgrading” to Windows 10 I wondered why I couldn’t find a large number of programs I commonly use… Spotify, Notepad++, Visual Studio to name but a few.  I’d imagined that Microsoft was quietly removing some apps (from the start menu, rather than actually uninstalling them) for nefarious reasons.. eg to push their own agenda. It turns out that it’s far… Read more →

Windows 10 Upgrade? Perfect, painful or pitiful?

So I’ve finally made the leap on my main home machine and upgraded to Windows 10.  What have I found out so far… Nvidia Really really really don’t want to support older Graphics cards anymore.  I had to change my ageing but perfectly usable (under Windows 7 and Window 8/8.1) 7800GTX card which came with a Dell PC that I previously… Read more →