Running a Unity app on Amazon FireTV

Just a short one:

I recently wanted to see if one of my Unity plugins was compatible with FireTV which is pretty much just Android with some restrictions.

When I finally realised that I wasn’t going to get a stable connection on my old FireTV stick which just randomly disconnecting I finally gave up and tried with a newer FireTV stick I got my app installed via ADB but upon running i was presented with the following dialog…

Fire TV Unity Warning Dialog - Your device does not match the hardware requirements of this application

Upon clicking Continue we just get… A pink screen 🙁


This was a bit puzzling but after some digging around I realised that the FireTV stick likely didn’t support Vulkan.  Indeed I had Player -> Other Settings -> Auto Graphics API Checked

…which included Vulkan. Indeed Vulkan was above OpenGLES3.

I unkecked Player -> Other Settings -> Auto Graphics API  as shown… and then rebuilt and….


The app ran just fine. 🙂

It was a bit of a head scratcher for me so I thought I’d make a quick post for it.


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