Windows 10 First Major Update – Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.36)

So I turned the monitors on on my main PC today to find it was rebooting for an update.  Not a huge issue.  After a normal update though, it booted into the screen that I’ve not seen since installation.  Seems it’s either doing a reinstall or some new huge update.  After a number of hours* with no option of using the PC it reboots up to a login prompt. Then after logging in it takes a very long time with “Will be ready soon” type of messages.

OK so despite being unusable for hours at least the PC is going to be back in action again soon right?  Wrong. The start menu does not work at all for left clicks.  Right clicks work fine but no left clicks.  On the plus side I now at least see a little icon for “Ask Cortana Anything” which has been absent since the installation of Windows 10 due to me living in some backwater region that Cortana doesn’t support ** !!  So now to work out why the start menu literally doesn’t work at all whilst sitting here shaking ones head wondering what on earth is going on at Microsoft after all these years that they still can’t deliver a decent user experience after so many decades in the business.  Dear oh dear.

* There MUST be a better option than Microsoft controlling when my PC will install updates and be unavailable to me for hours on end.  I really needed to use my PC today, why the urgency for the update? Are Microsoft really that arrogant to think that they know better 100% of the time when to install updates for users?  Outright Inconvenience is not progress.

** Yes seriously, this is why Cortana has been telling me I can’t use it. UK isn’t supported. Apparently.

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