Music by myself and friends from over the years

Music by Mark Castle

Cover version of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” (Created entirely on Garageband on an iPhone. Note this isn’t supposed to be amazing, but is my attempt at finding out how much you can do on an iPhone alone with no external instruments, just the Garageband app and the internal iPhone mic for vocals.)


Not a very good cover of a New Order track.. (made and recorded entirely on GarageBand on an iPhone / iPad in 2012 with a bit of external guitar)



Music written and performed by Matthew Jarvis

“One of those days” by Matthew Jarvis


“Psycho Love” by Matthew Jarvis


“I wanna live” by Matthew Jarvis


“Beautiful People” by Matthew Jarvis


Sadly I don’t have a copy of Matthews’ “Bomber over Baghdad” track 🙁  Unfortunately Matthew passed away a few years ago 🙁


Update: 13th May 2017… I just found some more of Matthews tracks with his band (I don’t know the rest of the band members), I’m sure he would want to share them:
01.  “Madly” by Matthew Jarvis and his band


02. “Planet Love” by Matthew Jarvis and his band – Sadly this mp3 is broken so isn’t very long 🙁


03. “Striving” by Matthew Jarvis and his band


04. “Heat and Dust” by Matthew Jarvis and his band – Sadly this mp3 is broken so isn’t very long 🙁


05. “Tree Huggin” by Matthew Jarvis and his band – Sadly this mp3 is broken so isn’t very long 🙁


06. “I want to be alone” by Matthew Jarvis and his band


10. “Waiting” by Matthew Jarvis and his band


11. “Wasted” by Matthew Jarvis and his band




I’ve been in a couple of bands over the years, nothing too serious; just for fun mainly.


The Sound Economy

Band: “The Sound Economy” with Adam Sparshott and James King (and Phil Allday on one track) 25+ years ago when we were in the sixth form at Monks Walk School.


01. “High” (Original version recorded on a 4 track in Adams mum and dad’s bathroom)


02. “High” (Recorded at Greenbank Recording Studios Luton)


03. “High – Poptastic version” (Recorded in Watford)


04. “Beautiful Girl” (Recorded at Greenbank again I think with Doogie).


The Bastard Wool Feotus

Band: “The Bastard Wool Feotus” with Phil Allday, Matt Ker and Peter Wise.  Another sixth form 25+ years ago band. Highlight of this one was gigging at the sixth form leavers dinner when we made the mistake of piping everything through a single cable that turned out to be dodgy which kind of screwed the gig up – oops.  Might post some tracks here at some point.



Band: “Cheezewulf” with Nigel O’Brien and Jef Bateman  – This was from my time at Teesside Uni in the late 80’s early 90s’.  Unfortunately I don’t have any of the jam session recordings although one “gig” survives on VHS video which I really should have digitised for posterity (but haven’t).


2016 onwards..

Currently Jamming with Adam Sparshott and Mark Millins and we’re coming up with some good stuff that I will post here at some point 🙂

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