More Windows 10 Woes. Apps missing from start menu after “upgrade”

So after “upgrading” to Windows 10 I wondered why I couldn’t find a large number of programs I commonly use… Spotify, Notepad++, Visual Studio to name but a few.  I’d imagined that Microsoft was quietly removing some apps (from the start menu, rather than actually uninstalling them) for nefarious reasons.. eg to push their own agenda. It turns out that it’s far less controversial than that but entirely mystifying…

Some not so bright spark in the department responsible for the new Start menu in Windows 10 has decided that no one would need to have more than 512 ‘apps’ installed, so hard coded a limit.  *puts hands to face and shakes head*

I appear to have 855 start menu entries.  Ok, so that’s quite a lot, but this PC has been around a long time and upgraded time after time, but a 512 hard limit ! Unbelievable.  Do programmers learn nothing from history?  Do departments responsible for teams of programmers not sit down and discuss this sort of thing before they go ahead with it?  Seems not.  Well done Microsoft. *yes that was sarcasm*

You can read more about it here…

More info here: makes it sound as though this should have been fixed in the release version (which I’m running).  Guess not.

In the meantime I’ll be looking for half usable alternatives, workarounds, fixes.  Will post any I find here for posterity if I find them.

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