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Steps to Create a Xamarin project for Android 6

I had a need to do this recently, so I’ve recording here for posterity (and to help me remember how to do it in the future)…   Create a new project in Visual Studio 2017…   Set the minimum Android Version to whatever you need… In my case my app is in a controlled environment that will never be lower… Read more →

Windows 10 First Major Update – Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.36)

So I turned the monitors on on my main PC today to find it was rebooting for an update.  Not a huge issue.  After a normal update though, it booted into the screen that I’ve not seen since installation.  Seems it’s either doing a reinstall or some new huge update.  After a number of hours* with no option of using… Read more →

More Windows 10 Woes. Apps missing from start menu after “upgrade”

So after “upgrading” to Windows 10 I wondered why I couldn’t find a large number of programs I commonly use… Spotify, Notepad++, Visual Studio to name but a few.  I’d imagined that Microsoft was quietly removing some apps (from the start menu, rather than actually uninstalling them) for nefarious reasons.. eg to push their own agenda. It turns out that it’s far… Read more →

New Website

This is about the third or fourth iteration of my own personal website since before 2000.  The old versions are still available on the unlikely off chance that someone needed something from them.  Let me know if so and I’ll point you in the right direction. Read more →