Cheezewulf was the name of a band created at Teesside Polytechnic (Teesside University) by Mark Castle, Nigel O’Brien and Jeff Bateman in the early 90’s.

We weren’t at all successful but had some fun.  Our biggest “gig” if you can call it that was a talent show at the Teesside Student Union which went down a.. well it just went down.  We thought we were quite good, but alas we weren’t really but we had fun.

Nigel went on to play guitar in another band and gigged at some pretty big events if I remember correctly.  I believe Jeff went on to play bass guitar in other bands.  Sadly I’ve lost touch with the two of them and would love to get back in touch and have a beer and perhaps a 25th anniversary reunion jam 😉

Nige and Jeff made up our “stage names”.  No idea where these names came from!!….

Mark Castle – Montana Spandex

Jeff Bateman – Phlem Lubricant

Nigel O’Brien – Sik E’Wifebeeta

I’m just really putting this page up here so that Jeff & Nige may find this page in the unlikely event they search for anything Cheezewulf related.  Get in touch chaps.

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